Friday, October 2, 2015


Welcome back, scavengers! Glad you survived that crazy, pixelated city. It would be exhaustive to list everything discovered on the CURE cover, so I’ll just name the top ten things I didn’t even know were on there (and a few that made me chuckle):

  1.  “Six barber-pole swords”
  2. “A man reading a love letter written with invisible ink”
  3. “A lucha libre parade float falling in the street” alternately “Just the sweetest, fattest, blue-haired little baby chubbo that better end up on a t-shirt or I'm going to scream and cry at the same time. Scry? Cream? Hmmmm.”
  4.  “A camouflage helicopter blasting David Bowie music (obviously)” alternately “the Quad City DJs copter blasting tunes to the neighborhood”
  5. “1/10 of a robo-squid”
  6. “The bottom of someone's leg, wearing a purple-striped sock. This person must be a giant.”
  7. “Two happy green tripods talking about the upcoming presidential election (they're both rooting for Trump).” alternately “A couple of gleeps having a sweet convo”
  8. “A rather muscular wrestler standing under a purple umbrella with his favorite child (everyone has a favorite).”
  9. “A potted succulent on a balcony.”
  10. “That yellow dog head is totally licking its own eyeball.” alternately “A dog-head sculpture. Maybe it's a vehicle... If people ride in these, do they stick their heads out the window?”

And, of course, they can all by seen now, by you, in full, on the no-longer-pixelated 


Add on Goodreads!

Preorder on Amazon this weekend.

This eye candy of a book was pitched by John Cusick, bought by Simon & Schuster Teen, edited by Christian Trimmer, and designed by Greg Stadnyk with art by eboy. I feel obscenely lucky to work with such talented people and to have such a jaw-dropping luscious cover. I only hope the words inside live up to it. As my friend Korey Hunt, who actually came up with the idea for a story about a video game rehab in the first place . . . MISCHIEF SCAVENGED.

But that’s not why you’re here.

You’re here to see if you won one of our five elite prizes, which, to remind you, look like this:

Ooh, look! The cover isn’t blacked out anymore!

Our five Manic Pixel Scavenger Hunt winners are . . . 

  1. Krys McCintyre
  2. Yamille Mendez
  3. Annette Weed
  4. Alicia Van Noy Call
  5. Tim Campbell

The Cotton Floozy will get stitching and Simon & Schuster will get printing and we’ll hopefully have your stuff out to you by December. Thank you for hunting. I hope you enjoy the inside of the book as much as I enjoy the outside. 

See you in June,
Christian McKay Heidicker

P.S! Thanks to all of the bloggers who participated: Christian Trimmer, John Cusick, Elana Johnson, Jennifer Bardsley, Valynne Maetani (friend and agent-getter), Brooke Lark (who designed my website and shot the prizes!), Carol Lynch Williams (who taught me a thing or eight about writing), and finally, Marie Davis Brian, The Cotton Floozy, who made the embroidery-posing-as-cross-stitch that elicited just as much drool as the cover, and whose company I misspelled several times throughout the blog because I’m not accustomed to using the word floozy.

Editor’s note: Both spellings (floozy and floosy) are acceptable, but there’s only one acceptable place to order top quality embroideries:

Thursday, October 1, 2015




This is it, folks. This is your chance to easily win the CURE prize package:

An ARC of Cure for the Common Universe and an embroidery of ‘Nobody Puts Princess in a Castle’ from The Cotton Floozy 

Oo. Aah.

For a chance to win, just participate in the Manic Pixel Scavenger Hunt.

Oh, look, here’s a pixel now!

What do you see? 

Write down your findings from this and the other pixels at any or all of the other blogs (listed below) and email them to me at or message them to C.M. Heidicker on Facebook. For every three things you send, I’ll put your name in the hat (or my jeans pocket) again and again and again, and then I’ll draw five names out of the hat (pocket) and send prize packages to those people.

Go! Get started! Win it! Win it all!

#cureforthecommonuniverse #manicpixel

(I hope you’ll take some time to explore the amazing blogs.)

(I also hope this means that more than just my mom will participate.)

Tune in tomorrow to find out if you’ve won!

Happy Scavenging! 

Go check out the book on Goodreads!

Prepare to be cured June 2016.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


A few weeks ago, I got contacted by a friend of a friend to see if I would be interested in stitching something for his new book. The more I heard about Christian McKay Heidicker's book and the internet scavenger hunt, the more I was like, dude, yes, let me be involved. I will stitch things for you with my freakishly small hands. So, that's how I got involved in this very cool . . .



Hello, everyone. My name is Christian McKay Heidicker 


Whew. That’s a mouthful. Let’s try . . . 


There. Better.

You may be asking yourself, where’s the cover? I came here to see a cover. 

Okay, first, have I told you how nice your hair is looking today? 

And second, the cover isn’t here. 

CURE’s cover art is a little intense to take in all at once, so for everyone’s safety,  I’ve divided it into nine pieces (er, pixels) and spread them across the internet. 


To make a scavenger hunt, of course. What’s the use of a book about a kid going to video  game rehab if there isn’t some gaming first?!

Also, this will be your chance to take in all of the juicy (potentially scandalous) details of the cover before it’s fully revealed.

The art is reminiscent of books like I Spy or Where’s Waldo, so this scavenger hunt will work just like that . . . except instead of finding a cats eye marble or some seemingly friendless chump in a red and white striped sweater, you’ll receive ACTUAL PRIZES.


Five lucky winners will receive a signed ARC (advanced reading copy) of CURE FOR THE COMMON UNIVERSE (cover obscured for obvious reasons) AND an embroidery of one of the phrases from the book, hand stitched by the extremely talented Cotton Floozy. (Oi! That's me. <<<)


For every three things you discover hidden in the nine pixels and email to or message to C.M. Heidicker on Facebook, I’ll enter your name again . . . and again . . . and again. (There’s a lotta stuff on that cover.)


Subject: Manic Pixel Scavenger Hunt

Dearest Christian,

I found:

1. A puppy made of garlic cloves

2. A bottomless bowl of undercooked breadsticks

3. A Christmas tree wearing lipstick

4. Amelia Earheart’s monocle

5. A bottomless bowl of overcooked breadsticks

6. A Who*

*(Objects not actually on cover, but no less interesting than what’s really on there.)


So, no, the cover is not here. But fear not! Tomorrow, I’ll be posting their whereabouts  on this blog and at (You can also follow them with  #cureforthecommonuniverse and #manicpixel.)

Tomorrow, the Manic Pixel Scavenger Hunt begins!

In the meantime, go check out the book on Goodreads!

Again, the cover is exquisitely complex, and in my personal opinion, AMAZING. It was designed by Greg Stadnyk with art by eboy (that of Miley Cyrus fame).

Prepare to be cured, June 2016.

Monday, May 4, 2015

This blog post is about my updated Etsy. First you'll be shocked, then you'll be inspired!

Things have been quite exciting lately over here at Floozy Headquarters. Hence the click bait in my post title. Hahaha! Please please please check out all of the excitement over at my Etsy store. You'll never look at effing cute embroideries the same way again! (Okay, I'll stop now.)

My subversive Cotton Floozy stitching business has really taken off, to the point where I am no longer able to single-handedly keep up with the demand. So, much like my waistline after thrice visiting the dessert bar at Chuck-A-Rama, I have expanded. I now have a bevy of beautiful stitchers working with me -- The Happy Valley Crafters. I have stitched with the Happy Valley Crafters since the formation of our Stitch and Bitch group (of the same name) a few years ago, founded by cross-stitcher extraordinaire Yvette Beaudoin (Dame Toadstool.) Just recently the Happy Valley Crafters have welcomed into their midst the hilarious stitcher Stephanie Sorensen aka The Socially Awkward Stitcher and her mother, Phyllis Sorensen, aka The Vintage Stitcher.


The Socially Awkward Stitcher is an elusive creature of mystery and can only be coaxed out of her natural habitat by The Cotton Floozy. 

The Socially Awkward Stitcher specializes in snarky embroideries that are snarky and full of snark. 

Since she's new to the shop, she has a reasonable turn around time for custom orders. My queue is loooooooong, so it takes me six weeks, whereas the SAS is about three weeks. Message me on my Etsy page if you are interested in a custom order stitched by this very talented Happy Valley Crafter.

The Socially Awkward Stitcher has skillz, yo.

The Vintage Stitcher knows her way around a needle and a hoop.

The Vintage Stitcher looking chill.

She specializes in ALL THE CRAFTZ and prefers to use vintage materials for her stitcheries.

How true is this?!

And lastly, there is Yvette Beaudoin (Dame Toadstool) who made all of this magic happen in the first place. She created the first Happy Valley Crafters' Stitch and Bitch group a few years ago.  That was the first time I had felt inspired to stitch since I was a kid. And now I can't even stand to go a day without stitching. Stitching is a slippery slope, my friends.

Yvette specializes in cross-stitch and all things geek. She is a magnificent advisor to everything I do. You can meet her if you attend my upcoming Craft Lake City workshop. (Which sold out, sorry. But we're planning on another one later this year.)

She has been extensively traveling these last few months, so her cross-stitch pieces are not available yet, but stay tuned!

The Flooze and The Socially Awkward Stitcher
at Craft Sabbath

Somebody recently asked me about how I handled difficult customers, and I realized that I have the best customers in the world! The people that are drawn to my subversive embroideries are the same kind of people whom I would be friends with in real life. In fact, I have made a lot of friends with those of you who have stopped by to chat with me at craft festivals. You guys really are the best. Thanks for everything!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sporking an Elephant

Let me introduce you to an awesome army wife named Diane. Here's a bit of an email exchange I had with her over on Etsy:

"A popular saying amongst Army wives is about eating an elephant one bite at a time. (finding out about impending deployments & all that means tends to feel like getting an elephant stuffed in your mouth... at first you don't think you can do it)."

So, I made Diane this embroidery. 

This holiday season her husband is in Africa (his sixth deployment!) and they got to spend a short moment talking via a military video teleconference call. 

The holiday season can be tough for so many people and I truly admire the strength and dedication of those who serve our country and their army spouses. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to Diane and the #36thEngineerBrigade !!!

If you want to be extra cool, you could post one of your own Christmas photos with any of your holiday wishes to the #36thEngineer Brigade on Instagram. Or here on my page. THANKS!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Scary People

Update! If you are on a device that doesn't show the video in the post, here is a special link. CLICK.

Halloween ended a few weeks ago, but I thought that I would share with you this very powerful, moving, awe-inspiring movie that I made to the footage my husband took while we were at Frightmares at Lagoon Park.

If it would help to have context about how I feel about haunted houses and Halloween LARPing teenagers please read this post and this post.

I'll wait.

Finished? Then may I present to you (all five of you) my very first YouTube video: Too Many Scary People. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Heart of a Floozy

Perhaps, I should explain this.

I stitched this pillow for my brother about four years ago when he was down in the dumps after a messy divorce. It really cheered him up! Isn't it adORable? My mom sewed the pillow part, because I am super allergic to sewing machines. But the embroidery, the appliqué heart, and the adorable-ized hate is all mine.

Yes. There is a back story. Take my hand while we gently travel down memory lane. (Why is your hand so sweaty?) When I was an early teenager I went through a hardcore holocaust reading phase. You know, where I would read every single book I could find on the subject. Anne Frank was followed by Alicia was followed by The Hiding Place, and a kazillion more. It was an obsession. I still do the same thing now with my reading. Exhaust a genre. Young Adult Urban Fantasy, Serial Killer Lit, whatever. I don't stop until I feel sated (much like the serial killers and vampires I read about. Interesting.)

One day, many bad hairstyles ago, my younger brother Eric was teasing my other (even younger) brother John -- in a really stinky-mean way that I found morally appalling. I'm sure that I was in the middle of some gut-wrenching novel, when I stopped, looked at Eric with the eyes of an avenging angel and told him, "You have the heart of Hitler."

This is now a family favorite story. Told and retold at every get-together. (Along with the one of me hiding behind the couch when I had a bad perm. Yes, I was 17 years old. I would still hide behind the couch if that happened to me now.) 

I can just imagine my brother as an old man, his little grandchildren gathered around his knees, bringing out this keepsake pillow, and telling them the touching tale of how long, long ago, his over-dramatic sister told him he had the heart of Hitler.

Cherish precious memories. Cherish.

And here is my point. We all say horrible things. With this new Adorable-izing the Hate project of mine, I have gotten a lot of feedback. Most positive. A wee little bit negative. And I think it is important to remember that behind every hateful comment is a person. Sure, some of these online trolls are probably actual trolls with rocky crevices and lichen growing out of their toenails, but some of them are just people who say really stupid things. Really hurtful things. I would hope that if any of the people who have found out that I have stitched their online comments, texts, or social media rants, and feel angry about it, that they will be able to take responsibility and apologize. And then laugh. Because we all know that laughter is the second best medicine. (Xanax being the first.)

Eric, I am sorry that I said such a weird teenagery hurtful thing to you so many years ago. You have the heart of Oprah.

*This is a repost of post back from the early days of my blog. But it felt super relevant to today.