Monday, March 28, 2011

CHICKATION! with presents and random mustaches!

This is my super rad friend Holly. We gets along. Here we are in Indianapolis being total dorktards.
 We also went to the Field Museum in Chicago. This is me being inappropriate, goosing the perky male butts of statues.
Holly likes owls. A lot. She has serious owl issues, stemming from a childhood tragedy she doesn't feel comfortable talking about. So I made her this 'bathroom birdie' with -- you guessed it -- an owl.

I also brought Holly a 'BACK OFF' sleeping mask. Here is her daughter Daphne wearing it. I am wearing my matching one. Yes, those are mustaches. They keep our upper lips warm.

But I am back home now! And a'floozying away. The Etsy store is open! Tomorrow I am listing many more things! such as: Floozy's Flower Fridge Magnets! Super Secret Waffle Cult Sampler! 'Stabby' Samplers! and another Mr. Darcy! who likes you very much, just as you are.

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