Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I now have cute anime eyes from all these new flower magnets.

Me and my crochet hook have been busy busy bizzay!

I know, right? You now have cute anime eyes as well.

These magnet flowers are all at my Etsy store now, being sold singly in cute white tins decorated with an unobtrusive flower design. Isn't this flower precious? Don't you just want to wear it on your wrist and pretend you're going to the prom? and put on your old prom dress and do your hair with a bump-it? and put a tuxedo on a broom and duct tape it to your body and dance? Because that's not weird. Or anything. Ahem.

They are also sold in sets of three!  And look! Keep scrolling. . . .

Behold! The BiG TiN packed with Floozy's Flower Fridge Magnets. I know! The cuteness has reached critical mass. We are all going to die.


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  2. Ok, so I want some of these glued to clips for my girls. And that sounded totally bossy, so I wasn't ordering you around, but merely musing. I'm really going to buy them some when we move, and if you make them, they'll love them. Whenever they wear some hand-me-down from your girls they say, "Oh, Aunt Marie is SOOOOO nice!" Can you imagine how it will be if you make the "clothing"? By hand?