Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break! Moms Gone Mild!

Yeah, I am done with the bitchin' family reunion. It was wonderful! (My brother-in-law's boyfriend is a *model.* I should have gotten some pictures with him showcasing all of my stuff. That would have upped my marketability, I'm sure.) Tomorrow I am headed out again to go on my bi-annual chickation with my good friend, Holly. We do super wild things for spring break, like eat waffles, visit bookstores, and take naps.

On the airplane, I plan on wearing my 'BACK OFF' sleeping mask. Think it will work? And since I am traveling through shark/germ-infested waters/airspace, I am thinking of not bringing this lurvely bag I made. It gets dirty easily and also I need more compartments and a top that closes to keep my crap from falling out all over the place.

But hey lookie! This is the bag when I flip it inside out. Reversible!

When I get home from my travels abroad, I will reopen my Etsy store. Should be March 28th or thereabouts. I have a few more things to add, including Floozy's Flower Fridge Magnets (adorable tin included!) and "stabby" samplers.

Happy March!


  1. Have fun Marie!!! I'll miss you ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! Do you make those bags??? They are so cute.

  3. I made that one bag for me. Accidentally. It started out as a *pot holder*, and ended up as a bag? I need to figure out how I did it so that I can make more and sell them on my etsy.