Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Squint & tell me this doesn't look like Slim Goodbody.

Oh? Who is Slim Goodbody?!
Okay. I can't see the connection anymore. But there is something seriously eye-disturbing about that first 'stabby' sampler. I had to take it down off my Etsy store. I thought that maybe it was just the background that was wonking out my eyes, so I tried this:
Nope. I think I made things worse. This one actually does look like Slim Goodbody. If you squint your eyes. And hold your breath. And put one leg up and over your head. Okay. I made that last part up just to see if you are bendy. Are you? Slim Goodbody wants to know.

I don't want to traumatize your retinas, so why don't you study this cutesy 'stabby' sampler. Think of it as an eyeball palate cleanser.
Cute, right? Okay, I think it's time we all rested our eyes and took a long nap.

1 comment:

  1. Slim is scaring me a bit, but I love your Slim Stabby. Fab-u- lous.
    Do you think I can grow flowers with button centers in my garden? Because I really want some. I think I'll start going to every store in town that sells flowers and loudly demand the ones with button centers. I'll be all "the Cotton Floozy grows them so give 'em to me!!!!" I don't think anyone will think I am crazy. Nope.