Friday, April 22, 2011

Uhhh, What? What day/month/year is this?

Greetings, Earthlings,

I have had a surreal week with vomiting, general malaise, and a wicked trippy medicine combination that was prescribed by my super competent doctor. What happened exactly? Let's just say it was very 'Slaughterhouse-house Five'-ish but without the hot interstellar sex. Hopefully I will be back to normal (ish) by next week and you can enjoy the roller-coaster ride that is my insane stitchery. Sorry that there is no Mr. Floozy Friday. He was too busy holding a cup to my lips for me to drool into.

This is why you shouldn't go to my OBGYN.


  1. Boo. Feel better. We had a 24 bug here last week. And then there is Thing 1, who actually IS a 24 hour bug. Someone should discipline that child....