Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crochet flower barrettes as modeled by creepy doll, coconut bank monkey, and Coke Zero.

My nieces have requested crocheted flower barrettes. Or rather their mother did. Same thing. So before I shipped them off I did a photo shoot. Remember the Creepy Doll?
She modeled these cute hair accessories for me.
I look much less creepy without the zombie eye mask and the bonnet.
My head is adorned with adorable.
Ut oh. Now I don't look creepy, but rather vulnerable and in need of a grape popsicle for cheering up.         
I hired a few other models.
I have never felt so beautiful.
This blue barrette holds my hair in place while I run free like a gazelle.
I cannot believe we're both Pisces! 
"Still Life Ginger Coke With Bonnet and Superfluous Doiley"

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  1. It is all about the sense of creativity that you are having to make these dolls that are good looking. I am wondering to do the same with the collection of dolls at home.