Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Followup on 'I WANT THAT' embroidery piece

Here is Loria. My fabulous friend and actor who makes the famous statement 'I want that,' in Napoleon Dynamite. I gave this to her, she graciously took this picture, and then she tossed the sampler aside and demanded her own trailer and a six-pack of sugar-free Monster energy drinks. Actors!


  1. Yes! Love it. If I were famous I would demand all seasons of Glee on DVD and a crystal bowl filled with Dove Dark Chocolate that was to be unwrapped and hand fed to me by Hugh Jackman... oh, sorry, were we talking about something?

  2. If your blog keeps being so awesome, Johi, you *will* be famous. I don't know about the Hugh Jackman part though. Hired lookalike?

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