Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lord Chief Justice Camel introduces his BFF

Yes. Hello. I am Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench. And under this gorgeous hat (which will soon be a present for Mistress Floozy's friend) is my BFF. He is also a lord.
But first, check out my camel toes.
Here he is. My BFF. Darth, Lord of the Sith and Crochet Flowered Hats
Which do you want to do first, Darth? Go play on the swings at the park? or go hang out at the food court at the mall?


  1. That is a very ecclectic collection. Thank you for showing the camel toes, because I was dying to see them. I love that hat. Love.

  2. Oo oo! You should attach those flowers to one of those adorable straw fedoras. THAT would be killer!

  3. Is that bust to scale? If so, that is a very large crochet flower hat!