Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Someone help me understand this.

Today is 'Geek Pride Day.' This is just an excuse for geeks to feel okay about living in the basement. I am less of a geek and more a nerd. Or maybe it's a dork. Whatevs.

Despite my quasi-geek status, I am taking part in this thing called the 'Open Source Embroidery ProjectSomeone go read that, de-Spock it and report back to me. Explain it to me as if I was a  kindergartner. You know. Layman's terms. And then tell me what 'layman's terms' means, because that phrase also does not make sense.

Basically, a bunch of stitchers from arooouund the worrrrld take a phrase from the 'Digital Commons' (clueless!) and stitch it on a piece of fabric. Mine is, 'The facility to log on.' And just between you and me, that is like almost the very beginning of the project. Like, the second sentence. Or maybe it even counts as the first sentence since it follows a colon. I was told that this coveted slot was reserved for me, The Cotton Floozy, aka The Chosen One.

The cute rainbow-y colors distract me from the fact that I have no idea what this means.

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  1. Apparently everybody is as clueless as I am. I got some creative answers on my facebook page though. I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT SO HELP ME.