Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wherein I combine three of my favorite things...

... Stitching, Serial Killers, and Bacon.
It rubs the lotion (on its skin).
Do you know how hard it is to sew with bacon? Answer: very. Those little blobs are supposed to be ellipses. They are made out of mayonnaise. Not lotion. And the adorable stitched border is black licorice. Yummm. Oh, and the whole thing is on an uncooked tortilla. I tried to stitch this on a big ham steak, but it didn't work. I feel as if I failed you. 

Okay, so why the hell did I do this? Because there is this Craft Community called Craftster and they have these rad monthly challenges. The upcoming one is titled 'Play With Your Food' and basically, yeah, you make something with food. Since I stitch, I thought I would try this. Let's just say that in my head it looked WAY COOLER. But oh well. At least my kids had a tasty lunch!
Come and get it!


  1. I couldn't eat something that says that. I too made a bacon craft this weekend. I included berries and waffles. Yours is better though.

  2. I think that we would need a blindfolded judge to decide whose was tastier, Johi.

  3. I of course don't get the reference but I showed Kole and he was immediately and honestly disgusted. Well done.

  4. If I truly disgusted, Kole, then I consider my work of ART a success.

  5. Um... pure awesomeness!! I fried a pack of bacon and ate it while watching the movie after seeing this:) I will try my best to remember to vote for your entry on Craftster.