Monday, June 27, 2011

A chickation is like is a box of chocolates ...

...  because you cry like a drunk hobo when all you have left is an empty box and a chocolate mustache and a cardboard shanty saturated with cat pee.

I am a word wizard.

This chickatation with my friend Holly was unusually productive. We saw two (2) movies, the 'Louie' tv show premiere at Brewvies, saw Ira Glass at the Kingsbury, went to the Utah Arts Festival, and ate many many waffles.
I also dropped off some of my handmade items at 'Signed & Numbered', a rad boutique in Sugarhouse. If you go there, say the Floozy sent you, and then don't shoot spit wads at them when they politely respond that they have no idea who that is.

Here are a few of my items that you can purchase there:

For those rare times when a doctor prescribes me xanax. This face says, 'please doctor, I am scared of people.'
Stabby. A reason for the xanax.
And this face is . . . . Yeah, I don't know what this face is.


  1. You are a word wizard. That first line made my coffee go up my nose a little.
    I think we should get together and have a facial expression contest. It would be loads of fun (can we be drinking too?).

  2. A facial expression contest! That would be great. I need a year off for training, of course. And a Russian facial muscle coach.