Thursday, June 16, 2011

If you hold still too long, I will stitch something on you.

My daughter is into peace signs. I mean really into peace signs. Remember this?
The graffiti of her dollhouse says I believe in peace and granny aesthetics.

Any time I see something with a peace sign, I buy it. So does her grandma. Now my daughter is basically a walking billboard for pacifism. Fine with me! Her peace sign collection includes a backpack, flip-flops, a lot of jewelry, a nightgown, a peace-sign painted manicure and a pedicure, and lately? denim shorts with a peace logo handstitched by moi.
The right pocket believes in peace. The left pocket? not so much.

I like buying the cheapo store-brand denim shorts and then shadazzling them with my stitchery. I still do this for my Jr. High school boy. Think rainbows and swirly flowers. Man, that kid is popular with the ladiez.

Much better to bling the clothes yourself than to buy them pre-blinged.
Not that we wear real clothes. This summer has been crazy slothful. We spend a good chunk of our day wearing pajamas lounge wear. That is until I get responsible and demand that the kids go outside and "get the freshness." (Isn't that the best line ever? I totally stole it from my friend, Johi.) At least when we are "getting the freshness" we are doing it with style!


  1. I am humbled and honored that you stole something from me (that I stole from my hot smoke jumping friend).
    I will now use the word shadazzle at least 5 times a day.
    Brock: What's for dinner?
    me: I shadazzled this meatloaf!
    Brock: Huh?

  2. I would eat your shadazzled meatloaf. That's what she said.