Friday, June 24, 2011

Mr. Floozy's Movieeee Quote Fuh-RI-deee!

Hopefully you hated those Star Wars prequels as much as me and the Flooze Dude did. Total crap. But comedy gold when it comes to harvesting movie quotes. Those scenes between Natalie Portman and Emo Mullet? So cringey. And yet so awesome. 

Here is one of my husband's favorites to say whenever the lighting is soft and romantic and I am looking exactly like Natalie Portman. Exactly.

.... when there was nothing but our love! 

I will hold the Floozy Family Tupperware Puke Bowl up to your lips for you now.


  1. I think that was actually part of the original script:

    "Hold the Floozy Family Tupperware Puke Bowl up to my lips like you did on Naboo."

  2. I only watched like, half, of one of the prequels. I have a giant crush on Ewan MacGregor (so big that I am probably misspelling his name- I would make a horrible stalker) and I could see that the poor acting was going to ruin it for me. It's like they were too busy being in front of the green screen to bother acting? IDK. Where's my beer?

  3. I think I am really going to stitch that now, Rick. And The Floozy Tupperware Puke bowl has lasted forever. We stoled it from a hospital.

    And Johi, I have your beer. It was delicious.