Thursday, June 23, 2011

My friends get me.

Greetings! I am on my chickation with my 'special' friend Holly. We are having fun even though we have yet to consume a single waffle. That must be remedied! 

I have other friends (on my payroll) who also understand the delicate instability of my nature. Maybe they appreciate it? Yeah. Let's go with that.

This is a card my friend Jodie sent me awhile ago. To cheer me up. It worked.

It's not like this is some random card she picked up from a boutique. She designed it herself! That is like really real talent. Unlike my fake-it-till-they-escort-you-from-the-premises talent. Here is her store. You are welcome! I'm thinking angry blossoms for you!


  1. Can we share friends? (I think we both know the answer is YES) LOVE this card!

  2. Mi friendos es su friendos, Johita.