Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Perhaps I should explain this.

I made this for my brother last year after he was down in the dumps after a messy divorce. It really cheered him up! Isn't it adORable? 

Yes. There is a back story. Take my hand while we gently travel down memory lane. (Why is your hand so sweaty?) When I was an early teenager I went through a hardcore holocaust reading stage. You know, where I would read every single book I could find on the subject. Anne Frank was followed by Alicia was followed by The Hiding Place.  And a kazillion more that I can't remember the titles to. It was an obsession. I still do the same thing now with my reading. Exhaust a genre. Young Adult Urban Fantasy, Serial Killer Lit, whatever. I don't stop until I feel sated.

Soooo, one day my lil' brother Eric was teasing my other littler brother John. In a really mean way. Not just a stinky way, but a way that I found morally appalling. I'm sure that I was in the middle of some gut-wrenching novel, when I stopped, looked at Eric with the eyes of an avenging angel and told him, "You have the heart of Hitler."

This is now a family favorite story. Told and retold at every get-together. (Along with the one of me hiding behind the couch when I had a bad perm. Yes, I was 17 years old. I would still hide behind the couch if that happened to me now.) 

I can just imagine my brother as an old man, his little grandchildren gathered around his knees, bringing out this keepsake pillow, and telling them the touching tale of how long, long ago, his over-dramatic sister told him he had the heart of Hitler.

Cherish precious memories. Cherish.


  1. And perhaps, I should also now tell you that my brother Eric no longer (did he ever?) has the heart of hitler. He now has the heart of Matt Damon. I should make him a pillow that says that.

  2. Hahaha! I laughed right out loud!

  3. How did you know that my hands are always sweaty?
    You are awesome. I got all excited when I saw that you had posted something new. I'm excited anyway because MY CHILDREN ARE BOTH SLEEPING AT THE SAME TIME. i know.
    I'm sure your Damon Hitler brother cherishes his pillow. You know how men love their throw pillows!