Monday, July 11, 2011

Gothasol: a tutorial. kinda.

It is summer time. And I am a vampire. Well, vampiric. I'm not really into the blood-sucking thing and I think that's a requisite. Soooo, I took this medicine a couple of years ago, and the doc was like, it may cause yadarashyadasunyada. So now basically when I go out into the sun, I get a rash. It even has a name: polymorphous light eruption. I don't have it as badly as I used to. I no longer start to sizzle as soon as I step out of the shade. BUT, I am still not a real big fan of the daystar sun. I would totally unfriend it if we were on facebook together. 
I could be trendily romantic and walk around with a parasol while genteelly touring my country estate, but nah. I think that a gothasol is much more subtle. 
Hopefully by now you have figured out that gothasol is a portmanteau of the words "goth" and "lonely."
Hold onto your decorative chainmail, goth peeps, cuz I'm going to show you how to make your very own GOTHASOL.
First. Buy an umbrella. A black umbrella, duh.
Cheap black umbrella
Next, get together a bunch of black crafty crap.
Yes, I have multiple junk drawers.
I am now assuming that you are an AMERICAN and own a glue gun. It's like the second amendment, yo. Glue gun the trim around the perimeter of the umbrella. 
Free Hint: measure out your trim before you apply.
Okay. I totally ran out of trim mid-umbrella. But I'm a problem solver. So I added this:
It's like some gauzy material covered with a layer of lace which is covered with some silver studded stuff.
Done! Your gothasol is a work of art. Make sure you take it with you every time you go outside in public. 

The Daystar wants to kill me.


  1. Now I want to huddle in a Victorian chair wearing black lipstick and read an Anne Rice book.

  2. Yeah, I totally did that once. I couldn't find ANY European parasols that I liked, so I bought a small black umbrella and added black lace. By the time that one broke (wooden handle = not good) parasols were apparently popular enough with the goth crowds that I could find a good one on Ebay.

  3. Is that you, Helena Bonham Carter?

  4. @Johi, I will join you. Victorian loveseat?
    @redoubt, do you think anyone would buy them at Craft Lake City if I didn't use crappy umbrellas?
    @anonymous, shhhhhhh. I'm hiding from Mister Creepypants.

  5. It's worth a shot, though tbh I have no idea what would sell at Craft Lake City.