Friday, July 22, 2011

Mini Floozy's Movie Quote Friday!

   As you all know, since I overshared personal information, I recently had a surgery. One of my friends watched my kids for a couple of days. She was appalled that they had never seen the movie Clue or played the game. I admit to complete parental failure on account of the movie, but not for the game. See, we played the 'Jr.' version of Clue called 'Who Ate The Cake.' A game supposedly safe for children since it doesn't have a murder. But it does have a criminal who dares to eat all the cake. CAKICIDE. Dun dun dun!
   My kids loved both the game and the movie, and my dear friend let the kids borrow her precious dvd. It has been on approximately fifty trillion times since then. My youngest daughter has also been on repeat, singing over and over and over again, 'I am your singing telegram... BANG!'
I am your singing telegram . . . BANG!!
   Oh what? You can't read it? It's too hard to read the writing against the dark, design-y fabric? It sort of looks like one of those headache-inducing optical illusions, the kind that if you stare at long enough you suddenly see a picture of a pterodactyl. Yes. You are right. This one is a SAMPLER FAIL. BANG! ** falls down dead*


  1. Hahaha! And yes, looking at the finished piece gives me a headache. :P

  2. Too bad you weren't able to read it. I'm sure you would have enjoyed the headache of looking at my awesome typo! :)