Tuesday, July 19, 2011

your heads are full of poo

I guess my fascination with embroidering the word 'poo' first started with this pillow I made for my friend, Holly, a few years ago. You see, her adorable, verbally precocious daughter once yelled to her parents, 'your heads are full of poo and it is falling out of  your ears!' To celebrate her toddler daughter's talent for insults, I made this:
Notice how the flower petals falling represent the second half of Daphne's insult.
It was well-received by the parents, but not so much by the daughter. I would have expected nothing less. I'm all about creating tender moments and beautiful family heirlooms.


  1. I would love to hear more words of wisdom from Holly's daughter, because she is indeed verbally skilled. I love this.

  2. I think that this morning she told her mom that boobs were "udderly" disgusting. From the mouth of babes.

  3. Cherished family heirloom Marie!

    FYI, here is the girl in question reacting poorly to the wondrous pillow:


  4. hahaha! So hilarious! I couldn't find the youtube link earlier today. And why did I ever think she was a toddler? She's like a mature five year old there, right?

    I heart that child.