Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crochet Breast Cancer Ribbons as modeled by Creepy Doll and Doll Head Minions

You know what I hate? Breast Cancer. I realize that this sets me apart from everyone else. That is why I am a huge trend-setter with this idea I had of making everyone aware of breast cancer with the aid of wearing pink ribbons. Totally a revolutionary idea! If you come to Craft Lake City (which you will, because you love me) you can have a Floozy Pink Ribbon. For free! Okay, not for free exactly, but with the purchase of anything from my booth. What's with the sudden interest in breast cancer awareness? Well, my mom has it. And I freakishly adore her. And something about this cancer pisses (sorry about the near-swear, Mom) me off.
Here is the cute pink little bugger:
Pin me on your boobie, moobie, or prosthetic such.
While supplies last!
I have a cute pin!
Creepy Doll also hates breast cancer.
The color pink brings out the creepiness of my eyes.
Okay! Maybe you want to stop reading this post here. 
See, I went to a local thrift store the other day and spotted a bunch of doll heads. Bodiless. As in, no bodies. They called to me, 'Floooooozzzzyyyy, floooozzzzyyy! Buy ussss. Take usss hoommme. BOO!

So, I did. Here is a very weird picture I took that pretty much has nothing to do with breast cancer.
There is no explanation for this, no.
Remember kids, Breast Cancer BAD. BOO! Also, I love my mom.


  1. Your mom is lucky to have such a caring daughter, even if you do buy creepy dolls.

  2. We told the Floozzzzy to buy ussss and she did. We want to visssit you, Johi. Won't you plaaaay with ussss and the creeepppyyy clown?

  3. Marie, what would I do without you and your totally wacky blog? You just made my day!

  4. Haha, yes for creepy dolls!

    My word verification is uptie. Sounds kinky!

  5. The head on the bottom left is hiding and peeking at me. Not fair, sane or reasonable.