Monday, August 29, 2011


UPDATE: So maybe the manatees, didn't do so great in the Craftster challenge. But Beefranck liked them enough to feature them on Stitchgasm on Mr. X Stitch.

I just finished this embroidery sampler today and will soon be entering it into the next Craftster challenge: Inspired by Nature. 
Perhaps you have not yet been warned about the sinister MANATEE AGENDA?
I started creating the idea for this piece after reading this mofo-ing hilarious article: Tea Party Hates Manatees. See how I even used that same picture as inspiration? Aww, Manatees. Who would have guessed that such adorable creatures could be so evil?
The Manatee Agenda sampler will be for sell later this week at the Signed & Numbered Boutique in SLC. Maybe I will make more for my Etsy store (once I resurrect it) if there is any interest. Is there any interest? Until then, here is one more close up:
Pssst, kid. Interested in some environmental literature?


  1. I should also mention that Signed & Numbered has moved from their 12th & 12th location in Sugarhouse to 2320 SW Temple.

  2. I totally want one! And in my world all manatees have Scottish names - mine are named MacIntosh and Maguire, just like all Key Lime deer are named Toby. I only speak the truth.

  3. Bear, you win for funniest comment evah! Scottish-named-Manatees OMG! However I don't have this sampler up and ready to sell right now, but it is for sell at a Salt Lake City boutique called Signed & Numbered ( If you're close, you could mosey over there and buy it (if it's still avail.)or call them and see if they have any shipping options. Thanks for being heelarious!