Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Cover Collages. Is Art!

I am starting to make book cover collages again. They are pretty damn rad. Some with bodice-rippers, others with overly-sexualized sci-fi. I know! The awesomeness of that last sentence! Here are two artistic collages available at Signed and NumberedI am making more, soon to be available on my Etsy site that will be given the Kiss of Life sometime this weekend. I am also making some more Bathroom Birdies since those sell like hotcakes, or should I say poopcakes?! OR should I say poop-pies? OOORRR should I say poopcowpies? Which really don't sell very quickly at all, I bet, so please ignore that last bit.

Here is the first collage -- The Steamy Bodice-Rippers!
Don't you just hate it when your top falls off in the water and there is only a hunky fisherman to pull you to shore? I know I do!

Here is the weird sci-fi collage. I wish I knew what that lower left book cover was! Because, dude . . . .
Best. Cover. Art. Ever.

And maybe you are old like me and can't read the blurb on the top middle one, so here is a close-up:

 It is the time
of the conjunction
of the Million Spheres
and all things
are possible.

Take a moment out of your day and ponder that.


  1. Thank You Marie, I really needed to hear that. I was feeling a bit down, but now I understand that I can do anything, because of the conjucted spheres and all.

  2. I feel ya, Jodie. Those million spheres are currently the only thing that can motivate me to get up and take a shower in the morning.