Friday, September 30, 2011

Friends of Floozy! Genial Stalker Edition!

Today is Friday. Although it feels decidedly Wednesdayish. This week has been crazybuzy -- full of family emergencies that have delayed my Sorta Grand Reopening of Etsy. It was supposed to happen this morning, but it will be more like this evening. That is if nothing else goes wrong. (I just jinxed my internet.)

But I did get my movie quote finished! This week's quote comes from Eric D. Snider. He is my favorite movie reviewer because his reviews are trustworthy, hilarious, and well-written. I politely emailed him (carefully censoring out any 'scary' stalker fangirl phrases like, 'your favorite pajamas' and 'binoculars') asking him for his favorite movie quote. Well, here it is!

Little known fact: Whore Island neighbors the Floozy Atoll.

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