Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good for all occasions!

I really need to get crackin' making BACK OFF eye masks. The ones that I have made have been especially appreciated on airplanes and in hospitals. My sweetie Portuguese friend, Maria, wore hers in the hospital for her baby's birth. Doesn't she look smashing? 
My store is opening in a few days, and I will try and get a few masks online. Also, let me know if you want a custom one that says something a little bit more threatening. I will give you the nerdtacular Battlestar phrase, Frak Off, for example. Or you know. The other f-word. With or without an asterisks.


  1. I want one that also makes a hissing noise when disturbed....

  2. hissing is brilliant! I should also add an ether gas bomb or something that knocks everyone to sleep within a 10 foot radius.