Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Ho'cruxes

You know how in Harry Potter? Voldemort breaks up his soul into several pieces like stale taffy and hides them around the countryside of England? These pieces of his soul are called horcruxes. Well, I feel like I have my own version of horcruxes. Sure, they aren't in England (except for David Tennant), and yeah, they aren't exactly evil. But they are a part of me. And I am just starting to find them. I don't call them horcruxes though. Because they are people! People whom I have found through the internet. They seem like little pieces of me! I call them my 'Ho'cruxes.' In the last few months I have found many awesome ladies who somehow share such similar tastes in humor, life outlook, and interests, that I can truly call them my special ho's.  
  One of them is Evelyn.
I made this for her You Big Mary store! When is your store going to open, Evelyn? HINT, HINT.
Another artistic woman that I just met is Sarah. I bought something very cool from her store. I will show you a picture of it when it gets here!
And then there is Johi. She is a very important ho' of mine. I'm not sure where we met on the interwebz. I think it was a dooce forum. She is the funniest blogger ever! You should read her every day right before you brush your teeth in the morning, when your breath is especially fuzzy and rancid. I know she would appreciate that image.
Yesterday, my very beautiful, talented, and hilarious ho', Johi wrote this awesome blog post about gift-giving. She wrote an inspirational story about her gay friend who received a handstitched 'Manicorn' sampler made by moi. 
Johi! You is a very special ho'crux to me! My ETSY STORE store is having a grand re-opening SEPTEMBER 30TH FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! In honor of Confessions of a Cornfed Girl and all of my other ridiculously amazing ho'cruxes out there (are you one?) the coupon code "CORNFEDGIRL" will grab you an extra 15% off!
As Johi would say,
Peace, Love, and Manicorns!


  1. I am honored to be your ho'crux. I'll even let you pull my hair (but just a little, because it seems to be falling out a bit).