Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who Says Relax?

Diet Floozy says RELAX.
Does this ribcage make me look fat?

Who says Reeelax?

Granger says relax!

Who says RELAX?!

Dobby the Handknit Housemonster says relax.

Good job, Dobby! That lotus position makes you look very relaxed.

Okay now, maybe that is too relaxed.

Thanks to Dame Toadstool for knitting Dobby and Sydney Hunt for my rad FLOOZY SAYS RELAX buttons!


  1. Diet Floozy is killing me. P.S. I want a Dobby.
    P.P.S. I finally gave my Mo friend your creation. His birthday was in April, I gave it to him 2 weeks ago as a going away gift as the bastard is leaving me and moving to San Fran. Whatever! He loved it and it gained many chuckles and nods of approval from the other Mo's. I thought that you would be pleased to know this.

  2. I'm so glad your special Mo loved the Manicorn! And yes, I still plan on emailling you, once this idea in my head is a little more firmly communicable. COMMUNICABLE! I think that is the wrong word. That sounds germy.

  3. I've just discovered you, and you are awesome. And crazy. And crazy awesome. And added to my super sekret RSS feed right NOW.

  4. Thanks, Sarah! I love how in your profile you are self-described as 'relentlessly nice.' Why, just today I was thinking about how I was 'defiantly likable!'