Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be Weird

My new interwebz friend,  Sarah, from wonderstrange arts, made this wunderlich creation called "Death's Minions -- Be Weird." And I bought it.

And it is now in my house. And I am happy.

As a mother, I think that 'Be Weird,' is one of the best messages that I can tell my children. That it's okay if they are different. That it's okay if the jokes that they love are only funny to them. That it's okay if they are not always smoothly acceptable to everyone else.

Make sure to check out all of the beyond awesome items at I love all of the artists there. I will probably be buying some more of their work, because it is my style. And don't forget: BE WEIRD!


  1. Yay weird! I've drummed it into my kids' heads so much now that when I call them weird it's like the highest form of flattery.

    I also love that I have my own tag. <3