Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Creepy Doll Heads Find Purpose and Meaning and Inner Light

I like Halloween. A lot. Pretty much most of the books I read fall into a subset of Halloween type literature. If a book doesn't at least have a vampire or a zombie or a ghost or a werewolf or a succubus or a demon or a gay angel, I have a difficult time mustering interest. Now, I've read a lot of great literature. I'm a sucker for a superb novel, and I will be coerced or guilted into reading one now and then. But, I'm a sad, ennui-riddled po' white stay-at-home mofo so I read mostly for the sense of escapism. My imaginary world is Halloween all year long. It is awesome.
That being said, here is what I did with the creepy doll heads I bought at the thrift store:
Would you like to play Twister with us?
I poked out their eyes and stuck them on battery-operated tea-lights. 
My children might need therapy for this later.
I also used an old doll I had from my childhood for my creepy doll shrine. I didn't even have to deface her or poke out her eyes to make her creepy. I just stuck a gray cheesecloth over her and put a fake crow, some rubber rats, and a plastic spider on her face. So cute!

Floozy says Happy Halloween!


  1. Our house is coolest in October, thank to you.

  2. I bow to your superior Halloween decorating skills. I'm going to show this to Brock because he is going to FREAK over it. The man LIVES for Halloween.

    P.S. The only thing creepier than a doll head is a doll head of a Clown.

  3. I am glad that your spouse is as appreciative as mine is about Halloween, because Halloween is beyond awesome.

    P.S. and now I need a clown doll head.

  4. Oh man I love it. I am crazy for halloween too! I collect skulls, so my house looks Addams Family all year long!

    I was once upon a time an English Lit major and used to read the classics on purpose, now all I read is "urban fantasy" and feel slightly guilty for it. Seriously, though, Anna Karenina made me want to stick a fork in my eye, so I don't feel THAT guilty.

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