Friday, October 28, 2011


Why hello! I have been unnoticeably absent on this blog and other internet hot spotz because I have been busy in the real world. The most notable thing I did this last week was clean my pantry, because it was becoming seriously lethal. You're going into the pantry to get some Cocoa Pebbles when BLAMMO -- a can of cream of mushroom soup falls on your head. Who wants "A Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup Killed Her" on their tombstone? .... Okay. Yeah. I do. Can someone make sure my gravestone says that? K thnx.

Today the TV QUOTE FRIDAY HOOHAW! is late because I went to the Witch Fest at Gardner Village. It was fun but oh so crowded. But my favorite part of the day was when I saw this at the Creepy Doll Store:

I want to call you 'Mommy.'

I know!

Anyhoo. Today's movie quote comes from my friend who wants this stitched so that she can hang it over her daughter's bed. It's from Dr. Who. Tell me you know what the Weeping Angels are or I will weep tears of blood and sadness. And blood.


A much MUCH awesomer embroidery was done of this quote. I featured it on my Pinterest. If you want me to follow you on Pinterest, let me know. I'm all about following other people till they issue a restraining order. 


  1. That is the funniest thing that I have ever seen but still it has been the sweetest thing that I have ever seen. Surely there are many people that are having love for wild life.

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