Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'Don't Take My Spot' Pillow

Every time my kids sproing from the couch to do a quick something (pee, eat a snack, sculpt a bust) they without fail say the same thing, "Don't take my spot!" Because once a spot has been claimed on the couch, it is now a special spot, full of mysterious comfort and perfected butt grooves. Inevitably, another child will sidle in and take the other kid's spot. Like nest stealing cuckoo birds.

Because I went to college for 7 whole months, I am now a Problem Solver. I stitched this pillow.

Yeah, I need to restitch a few letters in darker thread. 

Now, please place the pillow down on your favorite sitting territory and go read my latest Floozy Finds. I won't take your spot. I promise.

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