Monday, December 12, 2011


I'm not sure how many of you have browsed through my Etsy store, but if you have, maybe you have seen this: 

stay at home mofo
My super awesome friend Brittny, fake-bought this on Etsy and then messaged me saying, "Uh, since I am not a SAHMofo, can you make me a feminist working gal version instead?" And I said, yes, of course! Because I believe in the power of all of us women-folk-mofos. I don't understand the friction between SAHM's and those women who choose to work and/or not have kids and/or do whatever brings them personal fulfillment in their lives. I picture all of us mofos like the Whos in Whoville, holding hands and singing "Dah who do raze! Dah who do raze! Welcome Christmas, bring your cheer!" I mean, that is a beautiful image full of beauty and truth and Christmas goodwill, right?

Here is the final product for my friend. I call it the Femi-Mofo! Sampler:

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  1. This sampler rocks. It belongs in every feminists home above the mantle.