Friday, February 17, 2012

The Cornfed Girl likes me! She really really likes me!

And I have proof!

Johi (said Cornfed Girl and Internet Celebrity All-Star Funny Bitch) sent me a birthday package! And I opened it early, because my birthday isn't till next week and 'I hate waiting.'* 

Even her gifts prove her extreme awesomesauceness.

Best Card Ever! 

So true!

YES! My fridge will be happy and Xtra snarky now.

Creepy Doll likes her new 'Gangsta Nerd' button.

See? She gets me! And I heart her. And one of these days we are actually going to meet in person. I'm thinking Vegas. Surrounded by sexy singing drag queens while we sip mojitos at the poolside bar. Pick a date, Johi!

And for all y'all who visited today for a Friday Quote of Some Such? Sorry. The Quote Muse is taking a sabbatical. I'll let you know when she bitchslaps my face again with a quote I can't help stitching.

Stay awesome, my friends.

*Princess Bride Quote! Maybe my Quote Muse isn't broken after all.


  1. See what happens when I like people? I give them vomiting unicorns and call them nerds. :)Imagine what I do to people I don't like....

  2. Oooh. I would like to know what you do to people you don't like! I see a hilarious blog post topic in your future.

    And again! THANK YOU!