Friday, March 30, 2012


Greetings, Earthlings!

I am not dead! Yes, this blog has slowed down to the pace of a molasses glacier, but you can blame that on February and March. Those are stoopid stoopid months wherein I become as productive as a the Slow-legged Syrup Sloth (native of the Molasses Glaciers) and get not much crafting done.

So, big surprise! I'm going to do another GIVEAWAY KERPOW! Because you know what this world needs, besides adequate food/wealth distribution? FREE STUFF.

Here's the rules. Enter by leaving a comment. You get counted twice for the random drawing if in your comment you tell me why exactly March sucks so much. Contest ends next Friday -- April 6th at midnightish. You have an entire week to think about how awesomesauce it would be to have this hanging next to your bowling tournament ribbons.

I guess I should show you what you will win (plus random Floozy goodie merch I usually throw in the package).

The winning item is this cute little vintage frame with the word 'awesomesauce' stitched inside. YOU LOVE IT I KNOW YOU DO. So please enter my giveaway. Go forth and comment my awesomesauce peeps. 

Monday, March 12, 2012



Hey Ms. Photography, drop me an email at with your address and I will mail you your B Word Sampler! 

And a big thank you to Random Number Generator! You are so much easier than tearing up little pieces of numbered paper and pulling them out of a used, grody Wendy's bag.

UPDATE: And because Emilie is the winner, I'm going to share a blurb about a benefit concert that she shared with me in an email.

I want to give you some info on a very important event I am planning that is very near and dear to our hearts, one that we've worked very hard for, and that has been over a year in the making. My husband is the bass player for Neon Trees and they are playing benefit concert for our little Connor's school, Giant Steps Autism Preschool. Connor has attended Giant Steps for the last two years and this had an unbelievable effect on his development. Connor is 4, and has very severe epilepsy which has caused major develpmental delay.   Giant Steps receives funding through Wasatch Mental Health and Medicaid. Unfortunately, funding for this program is very low. We are hoping to raise enough money for them to keep their aides in the classroom next year. These aides and teachers are like superheroes to us. They are amazing.

I would be so appreciative if you would pass this info on to whoever you can. I so badly want to sell out this show. Thank you!!! And keep making awesome snarky crafts. I LOVE THEM!!!

Neon Trees
with special guests The Lower Lights
Saturday, April 7th - 5:00 pm
Mt. View High School Auditorium
665 W. Center St. in Orem
Tickets at
Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo
and at all SLC Greywhale Locations

Coolness, eh? I think that this concert sounds fun! And worthy! And awesome! Thanks, Emilie!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

UPDATE: Giveaway

I will announce the winner Monday morning! Stay-tuned. And because I'm feeling extra floozy-ish, I will include a few extra fun surprises to be given with the B-Word Sampler. 

See you soon!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Since the last giveaway was so much fun, I have decided to do another one. This one is a bit different. You won't be submitting your favorite quote to be stitched. Rather you will be winning THIS:

the only B word
you should call a
girl is
bitches love being

THE LACE. It is cute.

This is not my own saying. It's rolling around on Pinterest. If anybody knows who actually coined it, let me know so that I can credit him/her.


Go ahead and comment. Anything. Like, hello! or, 'sup? or, my cat sneezes carrot globs! It doesn't really matter. Enter as many times as you'd like. I'm leaving this contest up for an entire week. So tell your friends! Your neighbors! Your bitchez!

I will announce the wiener next Friday (March 9). If nobody enters then I will hang it from my neck like a ginormous sad necklace.