Friday, April 6, 2012

I Can Make Tassels Now!

Oh the possibilities! now that I can make tassels! I can add them to just about everything in my house. My curtains, my kids' backpacks, that mysterious rope that hangs down into the center of my bedroom. So many possibilities.

Instead, right now I am just focusing on these bookmarks.

I am using old book covers that I bought from my friend. She used to work at a thrift store where they recycled pretty much every other donated book. My friend secretly ripped off the book covers and smuggled them out to safety. Please don't narc on her.

 This is the current bookmark that I am using. 

I love this book cover because it is so odd. I mean, look, the couple is sitting in front of a roaring fire. And she is feeding him strawberries. While he smiles, dopily. Maybe he is having her feed him because he has no arms and is really worried about getting his sweater vest dirty. Whatever this book is, I really wish that I could read it. I bet that it is really HOTT.

Here are a few other lovely bookmarks: 
"She was young and in love and 
she reached for the impossible . . ." 

I like the book covers where you can never tell if the man is her lover or her daddy.

I am going to pretend that this book's title is The Unicorn Love Triangle.

So cool, right? I am going to put these up on Etsy this weekend. There are a few bookmarks that might be too weird to sell, but I'll probably try anyway. Like this one:

Neefa Feefa versus Business Class Ninja

I would like one of you to figure this book cover out for me. Is this a picture of a woman in danger with a man who saves her (and later beds her)? Or a picture of the ultimate power couple? She distracts the bad guys with her eyeball dancing while her boyfriend stabs them, careful not to get any blood on his tie.  

This next one I don't think I'm going to sell because I just love it too much.

Even dragons know how to photo bomb.
The ginger man on the left is Mr. Floozy. But I don't know who the other two are. And hey! Isn't that lady wearing my loincloth! Mr. Floozy has some 'splaining to do.

Once I post these bookmarks to my Etsy store, I will be sure to let you all know. I have about a dozen more that I made besides these beauties.

PLUS, I am going to throw in a mystery bookmark into the pot of my GIVEAWAY! Which ENDS TODAY. So make sure that you comment in either THIS POST or THIS ONE. You can go ahead and enter as many times as you want. I won't judge you.

I will pick the winner tonight and post the results Monday morning. The pot currently includes The Awesomesauce Sampler, the Back Off mask, and a book cover bookmark. Who wouldn't want to be the winner of these three (3) awesome items? Answer: lame people.


  1. Maybe the 5th one is a new twist on "A Christmas Carol" where Scrooge looks forward to his chains and such because he's sure it's the new awesome style for the after life. When the ghost of Christmas past comes along (crazy lady-Fabio-man person) Scrooge says, "get away from me and my money or I'll stick you!"

  2. I love these book marks, of course.

    Did you know that I lay in bed at night and dream of wearing my own Back Off sleep mask? Probably not because we don't sleep together, but it's true.
    I do.

  3. Illegal chicken ownerApril 6, 2012 at 4:41 PM

    You were so close! He is not a Business Class Ninja but a chief executioner for Her Majesty's secret service ( I'm not sure who the girl is, probably Octopussy's cousin.

  4. I need these. That is all. Mary Ellen

  5. Don't forget to put tassels on your clothing too. Especially your bra, that will get Mr. Floozy all riled up, more so if he can get your loincloth back for ya too! lol