Monday, April 9, 2012

I cannot be held responsible for the winner's head exploding.


Please stand back, because I am sure that her head will explode.

I would like to thank all of you, readers, who entered. And feareth not. This is my new thang. Keep checking on my blog! Next Friday I will have another Floozy Something for a giveaway. And considering how small the pool is right now of entrants, your chances of winning are pretty high. And if find that you are that sad sad sack who always enters and never wins, I will take pity on you and make you something. This generous spirit of mine is what comes of always being picked last in gym class. And thanks to you, Random Number Generator! You have made ripping little pieces of paper and putting numbers on them a thing of the past! 

*I don't really know why I used the unsinkable adjective. It just felt right. Plus, I had been reading something about the titanic somewhere on the interwebs.


  1. YAY! I'm a WINNER! Thank you!!!! I always felt that I was a winner, deep on the inside, but now, because of YOU, I KNOW THAT I AM WINNING!
    And I think "unsinkable" is right on. I entered a What to Wear on the Titanic contest on Polyvore. I don't think it is what they were going for (think gowns and diamond tiaras). I'll post it to your fb page. Screw fashion, I want to SURVIVE.