Monday, April 2, 2012

MOAR added to the GIVEAWAY!

I'm adding something more to the GIVEAWAY pot today. MY  LAST 'BACK OFF' SLEEPING MASK!


This will be added to the 'awesomesauce' frame gift package floozy deluxe.


This is my way of apologizing for being absent-ish the last few months-ish. And also a way of wooing back my special lady 'ho's. (You know who you are. *wink*)And also also a little bit of spring cleaning. You should see my windowsills. One word. Christmas.

My new phase is to have a giveaway each Friday. Maybe that's all I'll get done. But hey. It's something. Work with me, people. Tell your friends, tell your frenemies, tell your secret fictional fantasy lovers. Few will enter. Few will win. (That's a pretty rad catchphrase, if I do say so myself.)

Oh, and go ahead and comment either on this post or the 'awesomesauce' one below. Contest still ends Friday the 6th.

Thank you!

Oh oh, and if you live in Utah, don't forget to go to 'Neon Trees' Benefit on Saturday. They are cool people.


  1. um, Marie, I need that mask, so if I don't win, I will be commissioning one.

  2. Narro, ergo lucror. (I comment, therefore I win).

  3. I just spread the word- even though I didn't want to... but ya know, I love my bitches, so I thought I'd share some love with them and give them a chance to win too... I know a few of them could use this mask especially!

  4. yay i caught a contest on time! i love your blog, i was so sad when i finally caught up with it all and there werent any new ones. but yay more snark!

  5. Just read that we can enter more than once without getting judged. So... DON'T JUDGE ME!! I'm going to break the rules even further and tell you one reason why March doesn't suck. My Gorgeous Grandmother has her birthday in March and we have some pretty amazing birthday parties. For her 80th, we spent the 12 days leading up to her birthday playing practical jokes on her and then had a surprise party. For her 85th we had a costume party - everyone had to dress up from a different decade she was alive. So while March does suck in general, at least in my family, we have one redeeming event. :)

  6. Me. --Mary Ellen

  7. don't judge me either!

    Hey jkribbit, can I come celebrate your gramma's next birthday with you all? that's sounds freakin' awesome!!!