Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother's Day Choose-Your-Own-Quote

Right now I am getting into my car and driving to St. George to escape these danged allergies. So today's giveaway, I have decided to do something a little differently.

It's Mother's Day soon! Which is like the second best holiday after National Sandwich Day. So today, tell me about your mom. Or your step-mom. Or any female-mother-type equivalent. Maybe, it's your pet dog. I don't know. I've told you about my mom here and here. In fact, I would recommend the "Wherever she was, there was Eden quote."

If there was any quote or lovely (or snarky) saying that you would like stitched as a gift for her, tell me in the comments form. And I will randomly choose a winner and stitch your mom (or equivalent) an embroidery hoop. I will make it all cute and packaged and mail it directly to your mom (or grandma or favorite matriarchal college professor). 

What would be perfect as a stitched present for a Mother's Day gift? Giveaway ends next Wednesday (May 2nd). And hechoo! I mean, go!

UPDATE: I am now in St. George and can once again feel air through my nostrils. It is a fantastic sensation! But I see that only Johi loves her mother. WHY DON'T YOU GUYS LOVE YOUR MOTHERS! (or grandma's or significant matriarchal figures)! Are you shy so far because you don't have a quote? I just added the recommendation for the "Eden" quote. OR I would also love to make crochet flower fridge magnets! Remember that this would all be packaged and mailed in time for Mother's Day.

But you know, no pressure. :)


  1. "Johi, you don't have to resort to that kind of language." is a recent favorite of mine.

  2. I heard this on a regular basis from the time I was a preteen: "Because I have 25 more years life experience, that's why."

    Glad you're feeling better!

  3. Ha! "Do as I say, not as I do!" Love to mail something like that to her!

  4. I love my mom buckets, and I would love to give her a hand stitched Cotton Floozy original. But in light of mom's delicate preferences. I think I'll avoid the snark this time. If I win, please stitch her "Don't Forget". Thank you.

  5. Grandma is the one who showed me how to cross stitch and sorta embroider. I still have a pillowcase she made for me before her hands got too bad. She had all kinds of odd phrases but one of the ones that stuck out was "Flibberty Jibberty" She's say it when she was worn out from something and it always made me laugh. I <3 my Grandma

  6. Well, my mom's dead, dude. Too soon. And I know the prize has been awarded. But what she used to say was, "You're not too big to spank." I said it to my kids, too, more as a joke, until they got bigger than me. Then I said, "You're not too big to run over with a truck."

    1. I'm not sure which one I like more: 'too big to spank,' or 'too big to run over.' !!