Friday, May 18, 2012

The Birthday Song -- Funeral Dirge Version

My family has this lovely low-pitched, slow-moving musical epilogue that we sing after every 'happy birthday to you!' 

It goes like this: 'Happy birthday. Oh happy birthday. There is misery in the air, people dying everywhere. So happy birthday.'

It sounds like a funeral dirge. 

And we always sing it, regardless of the calamities and deaths all around us. It cheers us up! I'm sure that there are times that we will skip it. Times when it would be too emotional and in poor taste, but most times, it just works for us. I got my subversive sense of humor from somewhere, people!

Today is my friend's birthday! And I made her this adorable bunting:

Isn't that so sweet?

happy birthday

there is misery

in the air

people dying everywhere

so ... happy birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOLLY! Eat some cake for me.


  1. This turned out super cute!!

  2. LOL! Love it. (I swore when i went on facebook and started my blog, i'd never write lol.) But i do. All the time. I love your birthday dirge and your bunting. For different reasons. :)

    PS. I do smiley faces too, but i'm trying to cut back.