Friday, May 11, 2012

How are we feeling lately? Plus, controversial tees and flowers.

How are we feeling lately about the giveaways? I didn't get a sense of general enthusiasm with this last Mother's Day one. Perhaps, that can be blamed on Mother's Day Angst? If not, what would you like to see for possible giveaways? Baby booties? Snarky samplers? Choose-your-own-quote embroideries? I'm listening. Unless you start telling me about the dream you had last night. In that case, I am tuning you out.

Priestess Raven was the winner of MomDay and I mailed this cutey to her grandma.

flibberty jibberty! a favorite grandma-swear!

MAY IS CRAZY. Isn't it just as jam-packed as December? What with the endless programs and field trips and gardening, oh my?! Oh, and random emergencies. My brother, who lives close and who is not only my sib, but one of my best friends, had a craptacular week. His adorable little kindergartner boy got suddenly, mysteriously ill and was shuttled back and forth between doctors and hospitals who could not figure out what was wrong. I think that their best guess final diagnosis was food poisoning. To help out, I watched my bro's little toddler for the day.

His identity is protected in case any evil fairies
are looking at my blog and want to fairy-nap him

and feed him acorns and pixy wings.

Since I got to dress him, I put on this t-shirt that I bought for him last year at Craft Lake City


For a toddler, he's pretty controversial. Speaking of politics, here is a picture of the Bleeding Heart in my garden:

The best fertilizer for this plant
is the moral outrage of a bleeding-hearted liberal.

My mom wants to know why her Bleeding Heart isn't doing too great. I told her it's because she's a Republican.

For everyone out there on my side of the spectrum, I understand that you have the equivalent disapproval of Michael Moore. In that case, here is a picture from my garden for you:


Because I live way up up up in the mountains, my brain doesn't have as much oxygen, but also, it is very chilly in the morning. My dog Weasley was recently groomed till he was almost naked. Because of his bare-assedness, he gets really cold in the morning and at night and shivers like a meth addict jonesing for a fix.  So I put one of Headmistress Granger's sweaters on him. My children were appalled that Weasley was wearing an emasculating pink sweater, so I crocheted him a Manly Sweater. It just needs a giant W on the back.

Weasley in his manly sweater.

Okay, let see .... What else has been going on, besides all of this. (You're loving this blog post, aren't you?! Don't answer that.)

Oh. I know. I bought myself a mother's day present for myself. These bitchin' prints: 

Nothing cooler exists in this dimension except maybe waffles.

To see them closer up, here is a link to Iggy Starpup's Etsy shop. You should buy copies, too! We can be matchy matchy!

I will end this random rambling ramble with these very lovely pictures of my back deck in the morning time and my current resident garden gnome:

I told you that I lived in the mountains.

In my garden, kitsch is welcome.


Spinsters, orphans, and shunned Jehovah Witness children, I want to buy you a plate of nachos and a pitcher of beer.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Crotchety, from the bottom of my bleeding heart.

  2. Um, pretty sure that t-shirt is the best thing I've seen in a long time. Oh wait, no it's not...your amazeballs package came in the mail and I can't stand all the happiness it brought me!!! Thank you waaaaay too much!

    And, I've finally linked you on my blog so I will never miss another give away. Nev. Er.

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you got it! And you shouldn't Ev. Er. miss my giveaways!

  3. Replies
    1. I wish there had been that design in my size. Sadly, only the toddler-sized t-shirt only fit up to my elbow.

      And I'm glad you like the flibberty. I also included a flower fridge magnet. It was supposed to arrive today (Friday). I really hope it did! Say 'hi' to your grandma for me!

    2. she got it and the magnet went immediately to her fridge (which is no small feat, i dont think shes seen that thing since she bought it) thank you again, it made her day :)

  4. This post made me happy.

    Also, I was one of the losers who didn't enter your Mother's Day give-away. My excuse was I knee-deep (and sometimes hip-deep) in shit (I can say shit on your blog, right? I feel all rebel-y doing it, but figured if anyone understood, you would) and too overwhelmed to come up with a cool phrase for you to embroider. Lame.

    Anxiously watching for the next one so I can be cool again. :)

    1. You can absolutely say 'shit' on my blog. Honestly, I don't even consider that a swear. It is practically a 'grandma swear!' But I've read a few Irish crime novels, and now I like to say 'shite.' It's almost as polite-sounding as 'arse.'

  5. Well after reading A few of your posts I have determined you are a woman after my own heart... I'll turn a blind eye to the fact that you aren't a republican. And totally jumping into your above conversation on said word "shit" I think you'll enjoy this little story on the word.( completely debunked by snopes, but none the less quite entertaining!)

    Dang thing hates my iPad!!*writes it out*

  6. Oh and if you like interesting photographs( as I can see you do from your lovely dog ones)... You might enjoy reading Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Pecular Children

    1. I totally loved Miss Peregrine's! And I love that you are a Republican. Some of my favorite people are Republicans.