Thursday, July 26, 2012


My sister and I dressed as adorable gingham pioneers.
Because blogging is all about masochistic self-promotion, I thought that today I would tell you about a little performance I am taking place in tomorrow (Friday, 7/27) in Salt Lake City at the Sunstone Symposium. It's called 'The Mormon Vagina Testimonies.' It's obviously a Mormon version of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues

While preparing for my own monologue, it got me thinking about my own place in Mormonism. I don't have much to say on this, because it is quite personal to me. Have I been to church in years? No. Except for an occasional special Sunday or event. It stopped feeling like the place for me to be. It was a bad fit. I struggled for a long time with the religion and once, a friendly neighbor suggested that the best way to handle my problems was to "put them on a shelf." I took his advice. But instead of just putting a few things up on the shelf, I put everything. Right now all of my thoughts and feelings about Mormonism are up there on the top shelf where I can't reach them. And I am okay with that. People try to get me to define where I am on the Mormon Spectrum. Am I an ex-mormon, an inactive, a post-mormon, a mormon on the cusp of returning to activity? And all I say is, 'I'm on the spectrum.' That is enough for me. My entire family, way back to the pioneers who settled here in Utah, were Mormon. It's in my DNA. I am Mormon enough to know how to make funeral potatoes without a recipe, but not Mormon enough to believe in convoluted dogma.

One of my favorite writers is Joanna Brooks. Maybe you've heard her on NPR or seen her on CNN. She is a media favorite for answering eloquently and simply the weirder questions people have about Mormonism. She has a very inclusive heart when it comes to all the different types of Mormons. Her book The Book of Mormon Girl is perfect for anyone who considers themselves on the spectrum. The book is also perfect for those who do not know much about our culture/religion and are tired of getting shock-value information.

Recently Joanna commissioned me for a few samplers: Never underestimate a Mormon girl.

Tomorrow, I am standing up in front of a hundred or so people and telling everybody about my uterus. I may use props, the same way I always did when I taught lessons to the children at church. I may look childish, confused. I may talk down to you. I am doing all of these things on purpose and don't you dare underestimate me.

If you are not one of my close family members (don't come! you will freak me out! don't worry though! I am not talking about you!) and are interested in coming, The Vagina Testimonies are at: 

The University of Utah’s Olpin Student Union

200 S. Central Campus Drive, Salt Lake City 84112

To just see Mo Vadge, tickets are $7 and can be purchased at the door. I hope to see you there!

Here is some Mo Info:
Sunstone has reserved University of Utah parking Lot 24 for Symposium attendees; parking here is FREE to Sunstone attendees on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the symposium. The University WILL be ticketing in other parking lots on weekdays, so make sure you park in the lot we've reserved.

Lot 24 is southeast of the Tanner Humanities Building (CTIHB) and opens onto Wasatch Drive. Take North Campus Drive or Mario Capecchi Drive to Wasatch Drive. Lot 24 has two entrances—one before you get to the McCarthy Track & Field Complex (you’ll drive through Lot 25 to get to Lot 24) and a second entrance at Ballif Road just past the McCarthy Track & Field Complex. (There’s a map on page 47 of the program.)

Attendees may also pay to park in the Visitors Lot directly east of the Union building. This lot charges by the hour with a maximum of $10 per day. It is the closest lot to the Union and has designated handicapped parking spaces.


  1. OH!!! I so wish I could come! I did "my angry vagina" (shouting about tampons and douchery to over 1000 people is sort of life changing)in a VM benefit performance about 8 years ago or so!


  2. I'll be there! My Mom already said she will watch the kids! Are there any large props or pieces of a set that you need me to follow you around campus with? ;-)

  3. I forgot to add that Mo Vadge starts at 3:45!

  4. so sorry to have missed your session! thanks for being you, flooze. we need rainbow flavored mormons. xo

    1. I can't believe I missed you there! But I am seriously scatterbrained, so yes. Yes, I can believe I missed you there. Thanks, Mo' Girl. And I prefer the term 'Skittles-flavored Mormon.' ;)

  5. You know what that needed? Like, REALLY, REALLY needed? An All-Girl Band playing "Come, Come Ye Saints" on the tampon. I am very sorry I wasn't there to provide this. And also sorry I missed you talking down to me on purpose for a reason.