Friday, August 17, 2012

Forcing More People to be my Friend

I have this bad habit of forcing people to be my friend. Like, I see a cool person and then I tackle them and then I sit on their spine until they give me their Facebook information. Okay. This doesn't happen. And maybe I partly stole that plotline from an iCarly episode, but whatevs. Point is, I like people. And I seem to keep on collecting these cool people like a badass Pez collection. 

I met some more cool people at Craft Lake City that I want to be my friend.

First there is Jennifer. She might be too cool for me. I am going to have to dye my hair super punk rainbows so that she will hang out with me in Utah County. We did a trade and I have this lovely chalkboard now in my house. (I just keep forgetting to buy chalk!)

And then there is Amanda. Again, too cool. I am going to need one of those face piercings, I 'suppose. We did a trade and now I have this adorable owl. Which is the best! You can use it as a decoration or a book-propper or you can nuke it in the microwave for your sore muscles OR you can freeze it and cool down your hot flashes. Neat. O.

And lastly, there is my new lovely friend Gena. (She's the gal in the top photo.) We are kindred spirits and are already planning on getting together this weekend. Plus, she made this bag that someday will be MINE OH YES IT WILL BE MINE.

And if you ever want me to force you to be my friend, just ask!


  1. I'll totally be your friend with the mere addition of pastel hair color and a gnarly neck tattoo... no reason to go overboard.

    I can also be wooed with red wine and the promise of conversation sprinkled with nerdy references.

  2. Thanks new-kindred-spirit(ed)-friend. First round of drinks is on me.

  3. This made my day. No face piercings needed.