Thursday, September 13, 2012


Be there!

That is if you live in Utah. 

You really need this in your life right now.

It is TUESDAY! ZOMG! at the Garage on Beck in Salt Lake City!

For only 5 bucks you will learn the super basics of making one of these fine samplers.

You can stitch whatever words you please. I won't judge you. Included in the workshop is the hoop, fabric (I have a splendid assortment of Manly fabrics, Girly fabrics and Gender-Neutral fabrics.), and the thread (duh).

5 bucks is LESS than what I sell a finished product. Which is probably why you are now asking yourself why I would share with you this Super Secret Oprah Secret to my Success. Because I believe in sharing art, people. I want you to see what you come up with when handed a needle and thread and a bit of know-how. 

Don't worry about your skill level! I have my team of Happy Valley Crafters at the ready to help you and hold your hand and breathe Lamaze with you just in case you are giving birth to a baby* at the same time. That's how much I trust these people. 

So please please come and RSVP here on the Facebook Event Page. Start thinking about a simple word or two or five that you want to stitch for your four-inch hoop sampler. I will see you Tuesday!

Ye Olde Floozy

* Please talk to your doctor before attending this event if you are dilated more than a three.

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