Monday, September 24, 2012


You guys know all about dog-shaming, right? You post a picture of your dog(s) and caption it with the bad thing they've done. I think it is hilarious, but my dogs do not. Look how angry they are. Or maybe they're upset about their matching crochet sweaters. If only dogs could talk. (Squirrel!)

Weasley and Headmistress Granger do not approve.

So, drrrr, of course, I made my own dog-shaming meme. 

I know. That caption isn't laugh-out-loud worthy. Help a lady out? What would you caption this photo. Here's a list of all the shameful things they've done recently: 

1. Tried to kill the Schwans Man.

2. Ate poop.

3. Puked.

4. Ate puke.

5. Destroyed every inch of my house.

You know, typical dog behavior. If you haven't read The Oatmeal's latest and greatest post about dogs, do yourself a favor and read it, here. (Warning: Thar be Swears in Them Waters.)

While you're coming up with a funny caption, make sure you (Utah folks) check out my Facebook event page. We are going to see the Happy Valley Derby Darlins! this Saturday. I would love to see your face there!


  1. I love Shih Tzus!!! Yours are so cute!! I'm trying to convince Ryan to get me one so please don't let him see this post ha ha!!!

    1. If you get shi tzus I will make sure that they are very well dressed.

    2. Wow! That is going to rock mine and my future puppy's world!! I heart you!

  2. Ate poop---We just got a puppy a couple months ago. How do you stop this? He's all about rabbit poop in the yard.

    1. I have tried everything to get my dogs to stop eating their poop. Pills, angry looks, rewards for when they *don't* eat their poop. I've done the tabasco thing where you pour a few drops on the poop, giving them the idea that their poop is a delicious Lynn Wilson bean burrito. Right now we are doing The Think System. Hopefully that will kick in at some point.

  3. I hope you enjoy the roller derby. Attending one of those is on my bucket list.

    Hope to see more of your internet based dog shaming in the future.