Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Nerves Are RACKED.

To all the really cool people who came to my Craft Lake City Workshop, THANK YOU! You guys are the cream of the crop. I heart you and tip my crazy hat in your general direction. 

I'm getting back into gear and have big huge mongo plans to make everything better here on The Cotton Floozy website. Okay, not huge mongo plans, but I might add an 'About the Flooze' section. I know. Pick up that brain matter off your house-smock because I just blew your minds.

Anyhoodle, I posted this as my status on my personal Facebook page:

Thanks to all my friends who came to my crafty workshop last night! My racked nerves have since convalesced and won't rack again until I watch that video interview that was made where I totally dorked out.

To which Dame Toadstool promptly replied:

 Unsurprisingly, I prefer "wracked" in this usage.

HAHAHAHA, Dame Toadstool!!!

I said 'racked' and I meant 'racked!'

It's Dame Toadstool's birthday in October. Guess what she's getting embroidered and framed for that special occasion. Okay, besides David Tenant wrapped in pink cellophane. That's not to say that David Tenant will be embroidered and framed as well. Gah. Words. Who needs 'em! 

**motor-boating imaginary nerve's great rack.**

UPDATE: I realize that I misspelled David Tenant, but guess what? I'm leaving it. Because I want to see how blue that vein can get on Dame Toadstool's forehead. 


  1. Nice ganglion you got there.

    Now cyber stalking you in a good way.

    1. Some of my favorite people I found through cyber-staking or being cyber-stalked so hooray!

    2. cyber-STALKING. But cyber-staking sounds cool, too, so it's okay.

  2. You'll correct "cyber-staking" but won't go back to add another N in my Doctor's actor's name? And then with all the love?

    This leaves me with mixed emotions.

    Also, both "racked" and "wracked" are technically correct. I was simply stating my preference! But I would absolutely hang that embroidery in my house despite your spiteful use of single quotation marks.

    Dame Toadstool

    1. Your buttons are my favorite of all buttons to push, dearest Dame. And I promise on your birthday cake to spell the doctor's name right. Maybe.