Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Made My Mom a Funny Cancer Shirt

the real ones tried to kill me!

There are various adaptations of this same shirt all over the interwebs. I'm sure that Zazzle and Cafe Press have them. They're rather ubiquitous.  I decided to make my own version for my mom. Annie helped. We chose a plain gray single-pocket tee and these iron-on alphabet stitches.  We then added our own embellishments, back-stitches and buttons, etc.

of course they're fake.
the real ones tried to kill me.

I like our version of the shirt better than the Zazzle and Cafe Press ones.  I like that it is more difficult to read so that those who only take a passing glance, fail to miss it. This makes my mom feel safe enough from scrutiny to actually wear it out in public. Today she went to her Quilting Guild (I love that they have a GUILD) and wore this shirt. Everybody laughed and loved it and took pictures of her to show their friends. Funny Cancer shirt FTW!