Wednesday, October 17, 2012



I made this for my gal pal, Joanna Brooks. Even though she was recently on The Daily Show and has never gotten back to me about which Campbell's® soup Jon Stewart most closely resembles. Assuming that she licked his forehead. You did, right, Joanna? Duh, of course you did. His forehead tastes like Campbell's® kosher Vegetarian Vegetable soup, I bet.

I have been watching the debates. In my head. From all of my friends' Facebook statuses. Which I am totally sure counts. I was glad to hear that Ritt Momney has a Binder Full of Women, because, HEY! I do, too.

Truly my favorite part of last night's debate, though, was when Ritt Momney and Obamarama circled each other for a few agonizing minutes and then made out. HOTT.

The VP debate was also entertaining. It was inspirational to see how far Screech from Saved By the Bell has come since graduating from Bayside High School.


Screech all growed up.


  1. That binder is the best hand crafted book cover of any kind that I have ever seen in virtual life. I missed out on the debate due to my 9 year old daughter's startling pronouncement to me that her mom is ALWAYS too busy to spend time with her. All media interest stopped at that very moment for the rest of the night. Now all of my distractions this morning have to do with Binders Full of Women. So much curiosity. My daughter has taken a keen interest in sewing and crafting since we've moved to Provo and I don't do those things. I'm so inspired by funny, smart crafters like you... this just may be a turning point for us.

    1. Thanks, Dolly! I belong to a group of Utah county ladies (incl. cross-dressers!) called The Happy Valley Crafters. We have a Stitch n' Bitch meetup about once a month or so. You should come! Even if you don't stitch. Unfortunately, bitching *is* required. I always post here on mah blog when we meet. We make Provo awesome.

  2. You win. I'm voting for you for president.

  3. Absolutely love this binder, as well as your post! It totally made my day, thanks! :D