Friday, October 12, 2012

My New Joob

Caffeine is my favorite vitamin.

La de freakin' da, people, I have a joooooob! I am a barista now. Which is soooo close to being a barrister like Mark Darcy.

I work here -- at Java Junkies. 1180 North Main St, Springville, Utah! Yeehaw!

A Shack of Delicious Beverages

It is like the Tardis. Much bigger on the inside than on the outside. 

Will you come and pretty please por favor visit me? I am in training right now, but next week I should start working in the afternoons rather regular-like. I would love to see your face. You are so beautiful. Have I ever told you that? It is true.

And don't worry if you are Mormon and don't drink coffee! A lot of our business is hot-chocolate related. Why, I have already seen two sets of missionaries since I've been there for three days. TWO SETS. A Boy Set. And a Lady Set. (Look for their action figures at Deseret Book!)

The Cotton Floozy makes the best hot chocolate
in all the Land of Zion!
And if you do drink coffee? Well, lemme tell ya. There is some fine espresso drinks at Java Junkies. That I am learning to make. Right before I become a British Lawyer (barrister) like Mr. Mark Darcy.


  1. Mmmmm... on a rainy day like this some cofee sounds amazing... which is why you're kind of ruining my day by being in Springville instead of Orem, but I suppose I can forgive you.

  2. Floozy, I have always wondered this, and now I sorta know someone who could clear up a mystery for me: where will you, Ms. Professional Barista, use the potty when you're at work? Is there a cubby-sized toilet in there? Seriously, I've been curious about this for-ev-errrrr.

    1. Good question! In fact, this was the very first question I had on my first day of work. I mean, I have had three kids, my bladder is shot glass size; and if I drink coffee which is a diuretic, WHAT AM I TO DO?! So, yeah. When I have to go, I walk a few yards to the Dominoes.

    2. FINALLY, I have an answer to my question! I've wondered that ever since those little coffee kiosks were photo places. Thanks!