Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pay attention, Ms. Cruella Deville

My house is brimming over with blankets. Like, if we were suddenly thrown into a live-broadcast of a Blanket-Fort-Building competition, we would totally win. Not because we have so many blankets, but because we are one/twenty-thousandth dwarf. And everybody knows, dwarves can build anything with a little bit of know-how and beard-grease. 

I took a photo of
the quilt on my son's bed,
because his room is eerily neat,
 but not 'Dexter' neat, thank glob.

My mom is the main supplier of our blankets. The majority of those blankets being quilts. Beautiful, beautiful quilts. My mom made me this quilt earlier this year for my birthday. While she had cancer! She is all sorts of amazing, my mom.

Right now I have restless-leg-syndrome-paddled away all of the other blankets on my bed except for this one. See how one side is a beautiful, snazzy quilt? 

And the other side is MINKY. 

'Minky' is the softest substance known to man. Some may tell you that 'minky' fleece is made out of 100% polyester. These are the same people that will you tell you that dwarves are not real. Do not believe them. Believe me when I tell you that 'minky' is made from the harvested fur of the bastard pups of Falkor and Snuggle the Fabric Softener Bear.

'I am thoroughly disgusted by your
lewd implications of inter-imaginary-animal-breeding.' 

Weasley Brian, Esquire


  1. Minky (or Ultra Cuddle Dots as it's called where I work) is the most awesome fabric I can think of. I would like my entire wardrobe to be lined in Minky. Yesterday.

  2. Also, you should probably look over here and participate because you have sooo much free time on your hands, right? ha http://grimmricksen.blogspot.com/2012/11/liebster-award.html

  3. I just saw this! Awesome. And once I get a mo' I'm doing it. I lurv you, Jenn.

  4. Now I want some Minky, it may be one of my next projects. Hmmm

    And there is a number after the series of letters, I just thought you should know that.