Friday, February 1, 2013

Lena, The Beautiful Wound

You're the wound.

It is no secret fact that I like television. I think that I like tv shows more than movies. I feel a little lost that there will be no more 30 Rock. (Sob.) I am ecstatic about the return of Arrested Development on Netflix. And there is no woman as funny and as gorgeous as Kaitlin Olson in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. SO MANY FUNNY PEOPLE.

One of my newest favorite television shows is Girls.  It is funny in a cringetastic way. The leading ladies are entitled and effed-up and make the most glorious of mistakes, but somehow I am completely drawn to them. The main character (the Carrie Bradshaw of the ensemble) Hannah Horvath makes me feel better about my body. Yes, this show has a lot of nudity and much of it is of Lena Dunham, the actress. It is so damned refreshing to have a woman who is real and unconventional and free in her body. And that does not say much at all about the fictional character, but everything about the actress. 

Go ahead and let someone
 draw clown eyebrows all over your face, Lena. 

I know that some people feel uncomfortable when actresses like Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy use their fatness for the sake of hilarity. To me, when a woman uses the god-or-twinkie-given resources she has to be funny, SHE WINS. I never had any problem laughing at (RIP) Chris Farley in that Chippendale's skit he did with (RIP) Patrick Swayze. To be truly equal, I believe that women should be able to use their bodies for humor the same way that men have been doing for years. Not many actresses have been brave enough to step up and do it. If we all continue to appreciate the wit and bravery and talent of unconventional beauties, then think of all of the future sitcoms we will have where the main married couple are not composed of a fat man and a skinny wife. Moar fat women with skinny husbands please! 

Damn, I miss them both.

Do I think that women who are unabashedly open with their curvacious or boobless or unconventional bodies are less sexy? No. They are more sexy. That's just how it is. Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect was sexy because she was the funniest. And sure, she is legitimately pretty. But funny and smart win every time! In case you think I discriminate, I appreciate the hilarity of Kristen Wiig and Kaitlin Olson who are skinny little mofos. When they let go, manipulate their faces into unattractive scrunches and scream, "I WILL EAT YOUR BABIES, BITCH!" or whine, "OooooOooh, Helen knows the owner," mirror, mirror, they are the funniest of them all.

OoooOoh, Helen knows the owner.

Some come on, women. Let loose. Embrace your gorgeous flaws and be funny. AMEN. Or should I say AWOMEN.


  1. Then you would LOVE watching me talk, my face is made of rubber.
    I love this post. I love it hard.

  2. You've convinced me. Imma strip down to skin and run through the streets of Baltimore RIGHT NOW. That should definitely be good for some laughs.

    I miss them so much, too! ((sniff))

  3. I spent many years obsessing over my weight, my hair, my skin... And while I may have looked good, I was a completely neurotic bite in the ass who was married to a dipshit. Flash forward ten years: I've gained 15 lbs. of curves, lost 200 lbs. of worthless husband, and gained innumerable amounts of confidence self-acceptance. Whether or not other people find me attractive no longer matters because I'm finally comfortable in my own skin, and have never felt more beautiful. :)

  4. I stinkin' love Girls!!!! And I also wanted to stop by and say thank you for your comment on my Bookworm Wednesday post. :)

    1. Buffy Forever!