Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Synesthesia, Bye Bye!

Ever since my head injury last summer, I have noticed a serious drop in my memory retention. Like, someone says something and POOF. Is gone. I used to have an awesome memory. I was excellent at memorizing numbers, especially phone numbers. And if I saw someone's name in print, I could usually recall it pretty well. Faces were always a different matter. You white people all look the same! But anything that I could visually lock on in the form of the alphabet or numbers? I was golden. Now that ability is gone. I can't hold onto numbers or names or my grocery list (which I always accidentally leave at home). This kind of sucks. I cannot for the mother-effing life of me memorize my new cell phone number and I have to look at it every time I give it to someone. A year ago, I would have looked at it once and have it mentally stamped forever. Those days are over. 

I finally realized why.


When I used to look at numbers or letters they each had a mildly colored tint. Because of my memory gaps, I can't even totally remember exactly what those color correlations were. I'm pretty sure that 7 was green and 3 was red, but that's about it. 

This photo is somewhat similar to how I saw things ( although considerably brighter), but alas and alack, no more. Words and numbers were so much easier to remember this way!

I told my son about this and he sympathetically said, 'It's like you lost your superpower!' Sad, huh? Thankfully, I still have the superpower where I can do a single dance move and embarrass my children into puddles of shame.

After thoroughly investigoogling the situation, I learned that you can either gain or lose synesthesia after a head injury. 

Because I was totally bummed this morning, I applied my cheerful, new vinyl wall lettering.

Just kidding! That's not my wall!

Here is my wall.

Ennui, Malaise, Jejune
That's better. Maybe these words no longer have color to me, but they are still beautiful and fancy and I'm sure that they mean really inspirational things if I took the time to look them up in the dictionary!


  1. I'm sorry to hear it. Who knew that head trauma would be your kryptonite? I'm proud to report that I still have my super power- the amazing ability to fill any hard drive to capacity within 48 hours.

  2. Sad to say ennui means boredom, malaise means illness, and I don't know what jejune means. I hope you are mostly recovered from your injury and continue to get your memory back!

  3. Jejune means immature or insipid, but I'm hoping my kids look at it and think it's a French word for summertime.

    I *do* remember how delicious your kugel recipe is though! See, I haven't lost all of my memories.

  4. I need those words on a throw pillow. That pretty much describes my constant state of being. But all fancy like.

    Sorry that words and numbers have lost their colors. I have a crap memory and have never had head trauma (as far as I can remember . . . hmmmm), so you were one up on me! It is truly a shame you had to join my ranks of having a swiss cheese noggin. :(